The 6 Standards Check

In order to ensure the highest quality skincare products, our catalogue must meet our 6 standards checklist.

1) Zero contamination assembly

Clean engineering and manufacturing of electronic devices is controlled by a few world associations such as German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association. MyAdonrned insures that all devices advertised on our website passed Technical Cleanliness Standards and Testing.

2) Quality check

Quality control should be a top priority for every electronics contract manufacturer (CM). Quality assurance in manufacturing and original electronic manufacturer (OEM) order fulfillment is critical to a company’s reputation and overall success. Every good CM should have a proven system in place to ensure high-quality manufacturing. There are general processes that represent a top-tier quality assurance plan for a CM. Those include but are not limited to: Quality Engineer on Staff, Risk Management, a Track, Trace and Control system, and Certifications of manufacturing facilities. Our technical team checks for general Quality Manufacturing Quality before representing our devices.

3) Clinically proven

“Clinically Proven” is a must for all of our devices. Brands that invest in their technologies deserve a chance for a try by a consumer. Clinical researches and studies, Physician/Dermatologist approval, supported by science facts, all apply to our devices. Any technologies we stand behind are backed by clinical and science testing.

4) Smart technology

Traditionally, devices and gadgets took over our manual process of home care. In addition, smart technologies like Clarosonic, Nano, or MAPO take the results and effects of devices on our bodies to the next level. We want to be on the “next level” and try to source out devices with Smart technologies implemented. Now we can monitor, measure and track our skin (or better a full integumentary system) wellbeing in real time with the use of gadgets, smartphones, apps and technology allowing us to make better decisions about how to improve the health of our skin and what products to use.

5) Results Oriented

Beautiful packaging is an easy task for any manufacturer. But creating the brain of the device that will provide real results requires skill, creativity and care. We ensure that our recommended devices and gadgets have gone through intensive testing to prove timely mattered results. Supported by leading beauty companies such as Allure, Glamour, top IG influencers, and customer reviews we are able to sort out devices that provide real long term results.

6) Consumer Reviews

Consumer Reports non-profit Organization, Amazon, BBB, and Yelp are our support for consumers’ reviews. We read, search and pay attention to what people say about using devices at home. Your experience, voice, and opinion matter to us. We want to hear from you to ensure the products we recommend meet your expectations.

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