Hand Picked

Today, we are presented with an overwhelming variety of home use and professional gadgets and devices, we like to call them electro & light therapies. These gadgets are becoming a necessary step in our personal care regimen. They bring lots of benefits to the care of our body. But, as the production of gadgets evolves, the choice for the consumer of how to select the right modality for their need, becomes harder and harder.

This Is Where We Come In…

At MyAdorned, our first priority is to present you with “quality gadgets”. How do we select “quality” from all what brands and manufacturers bring to us? Simply, we hand pick them. We go by the “6 Standards Check” points system that allows us to pick technology that is honest, providing results and promised longevity, and with a professional appeal.

 MyAdorned Is Your Trusted Middleman

We will ensure the quality of the technology used in the devices before presenting it to you and standing behind that gadget. Our qualified specialists and advisors (read Who We Are) apply their competency backed by years of experience and training in the industries of Beauty, Health, Chemistry, Physics, and Law.

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