5-in-1 Facial Ultrasonic Device


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This clinical skin renewal device is adapted for home use, so you can enjoy professional aesthetic treatment results at home with a safe, effective, and an easy-to-use device. With the application of an Ultrasonic device, your skin’s elasticity and texture will be visibly improved, resulting in a smoother and clearer look. The treated skin will have significantly fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

In clinical studies, scientific measurements showed a 30% reduction of fine lines and a 16% reduction of wrinkles within three and a half weeks. The variety of treatments offered by Ultrasonic device will tighten the skin and diminish imperfections, leaving you with a radiant, youthful and glowing look. Perfectly fits all skin types.


This Ultrasonic device is best used  for:

  1. the tightening of the skin, 
  2. anti-inflammation, 
  3. after any peel/microdermabrasion with a water based hydrating mask or collagen gel
  4.  with desincrustation solution to prepare for extractions
  5. In place of a massage during any anti-aging treatment with any serum or collagen gel
  6. Best to use for about 3-5min in the treatment or at home at night



  • 3M Hz Ultrasonic Therapy
  • Galvanic (Ion+ and Ion-)
  • Micro-vibration Massage
  • Bio-wave Pure Red Light, Blue Light, Green Light

Formulated to:

  1. Treat acne, blemishes, and blackheads
  2. Diminish dark spots and scars 
  3. Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  4. Battle puffy eyes and dark circles
  5. Slow down the aging process 
  6. Support skin metabolism and absorption of nutrients


Step 1: Deep Clean

  1. Gently work a small amount of a cleanser into your skin.
  2. POWER ON your Beauty Device: 
  3. Select MODE to “Ultrasonic”, press shift 3-5 times. 
  4. Select MODE to “Clean +”, press shift 3-5 times. 
  5. Select MODE to “Nutri-” and skip through this option by selecting MODE again. 
  6. At option “Relax” press shift 1-2 times. 
  7. Select CONFIRM to begin treatment

*Follow the massage lines to tighten the skin and relax the tissue for better cleansing and prepare for extractions

  •  Rinse the cleanser with warm water


Step 2: Nutrition Boost and Photo-rejuvenation Therapy

  1. Apply a thin layer of Moisturizing serum onto your face, neck and décolleté.
  2. POWER ON your Beauty Device: 
  3. Select MODE to “Ultrasonic”, 
  4. Press SHIFT 3-5 times. 
  5. Select MODE to “Clean+” and skip through this option by selecting MODE again. 
  6. At option “Nutri-” press SHIFT 3-5 times. 
  7. Select MODE to “Relax”, press SHIFT 1-2 times. 
  8. Select MODE to “Photon”, and press SHIFT to Red, Green or Blue Lights. 
  9. Select CONFIRM to begin treatment.
  10. Follow the graph for the correct movements for optimum results. 
  11. Work the an Ultrasonic device over the entire face for 5-10 minutes.
  12. Photo-Rejuvenation Therapy recommendation: Red - anti-aging, soothing. Green - pigmentation, oxygen promotion. Blue - anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial.
  13. Utilize safety goggles to avoid light sensitivity. 


  • Weight:  150 g (plug-in-unit)
  • Size: High 50mm/Length 185mm/width 50mm
  • Working Environment: 5-40C
  • Nano Photon Wavelength:
  • Red LED: 625 nm
  • Green: 525 nm
  • Blue: 465nm
  • Yellow: 592 nm


Vibration Massage:

Uses vibration of 12,000 rpm per second



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