Eyeonic Multifunctional Device


Product Details

Take your eye care to the next level with up to 7000 sound vibrations per minute. Relax the eye area using gentle vibration at 42 temperature that is super soothing for tired skin. The massage function will reduce dark circles, swelling of the under-eye area, and improve blood flow. This device offers 5 effective functions to fight fatigue, release stagnation, fade out fine lines, and promote eyelid relaxation. It’s portable, compact, and convenient for travel. 


  • Equipped with sonic vibration with blue light
  • Heated function with red light wave
  • Sonic vibration massage with heat treatment
  • Infrared light waves: 580-630nm
  • Heat treatment 
  • Anion import
  • Micro vibration massage
  • Cool blue light wave 


Formulated to:
  • Promote fat and fluid reduction
  • Promote collagen regeneration 
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Promote product absorption and nourishment supply


How to use:
  1. Apply desired eye product (eye cream, serum, gels are all appropriate)
  2. When select mode 1 or 3, place your fingers on the Touch Silver Ring
  3. Apply Massage head on the skin and gently move in circular motion 
  4. When in mode 2, the Heat button must be selected

Note: If you feel like the device is not working while on the skin, that means the skin is dry. Please apply a good amount of moisture to the area prior to using this device.


Technical parameters:
  • Charging voltage DC 5V
  • Charging current 500MA
  • Power 1.3W
  • Speed 7000rpm
  • Temperature 40-45° C
  • Product size 130x32x30mm
  • Battery voltage DC3.7V
  • Battery capacity 800MA
  • Emitting light colors Blue light/Red light
  • Charging time 2-3 hours
  • Using time 2-3 hours
  • Net weight 84g



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