Who We Are

The founder, Roza Leon, is the Beauty Expert with dedicating over 20 years in the Education, Health and Beauty Industries. Majoring in Pedagogy, she decided to apply her knowledge in the industry of Beauty where her passion continues for decades. Her accumulated knowledge and devotion in the science of skincare, electrotherapy, and education encouraged Roza to pick the best out of her experience and start sharing with those that have the same passion for beauty.

Passion For Beauty

Being an owner of Medical Spa in Brooklyn, NY, a devoted Educator and Mentor to students and graduates of Beauty Schools, spending most of her life in the treatment room Roza saw a lapse in the industry with major confusion deriving from saturation of products offered on the market. She saw the never ending frustration that beauty followers had when facing a selection of personal care products on the market.

 “How do I choose the right product for my skin?”

This is the most frequent question a consumer has when shopping for skincare solutions. That question motivated Roza Leon to find the solution and that’s how MyAdorned was born. In April of 2017, Roza formed a team of specialists that supported her idea and joined her company. Now, the products of MyAdorned are backed with science, quality check, and results.

Message From Roza Leon:

“I was always passionate about beautiful events in this world. Through MyAdorned, I want to reflect the beauty so we can all enjoy the charms we create through our beings. MyAdorned’s beauty solutions are the guide to peace within ourselves.”

20+ Years of Experience

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